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Award to ARKADA

UAB “Arkada” constructs dwelling flat blocks, where flats are finished in accordance with the buyers’ requests up to acknowledgement of exploitability of the building by the state commission.
The nine storey flat block, constructed by our company in Klaipėda at the address Taikos Av. 114, was awarded a golden medal in the contest of the best product of the 2006 year.


The flat block dwelling house with underground parking lot has been built in South Part of Klaipėda City not far from the crossroad of Taikos Av. and Smiltelės Street in front of the supermarket „BIG“. Present land plot is of 2,3386 ha area and limits in North with Smiltelės Street, in East it limits with Taikos Av., in South and West there is an undeveloped territory. In this land plot, there is intended a construction of a quarter of 9 flat block dwelling houses (up to 470 flats). At the constructed building, in the direction of South there is blocked the next dwelling house, shifting it to the direction of East.
The dwelling house is constructed following the conclusions of hygienic assessment of the land plot, retracting maximally it from the streets – from the driving part of Smiltelės Street - 58,0 m , from the driving part of Taikos Av. - 48,0 m.
Leisure and children playing grounds are arranged in the well sunlit western part of the land plot.


The State Commission to acknowledge the building exploitable was assigned on 23 November 2006.
Also, we declare that the building, constructed by us, completely meets the requirements of article 17.6 of the Technical regulation of Construction STR 1.11.01:2002 „procedures of Acknowledgement of Buildings as Exploitable“, whereas the finish of all flats in this house has been completed. By this house we confirm that we are able to built a house, where we make finishing of flats subject to the buyers requests up to acknowledgement of the building as exploitable by the state commission, as well as that there is a sufficient demand of flats.


Under the whole building, there is arranged a parking lot of 13 places. The entrance into the lot is is arranged from Nothern part of the building, from the yard of the dwelling house. You can enter to the land plot from Smiltelės Street driving to Karlskronos Street, and from iš Karlskronos Street through the newly designed entrance. The segment of Karlskronos Street up to the entrance to the land plot is of 9 metres width , following the pre-project researches, performed by Klaipėda MSPI. This part of the street is covered by asphalt-concrete cover, kerbs are veneered by road sides. The second entrance will be arranged from Taikos Av. in southern part of the land plot, when further development of the land plot would be designed. In this place of the land plot, there is a parking of 22 places. The parking of 30 places is equipped in northern part of the land plot. The ground for daily waste containers is equipped in eastern part of the land plot. All approaches and entrances are covered by concrete fixing covers.


All free of technogenic covers territory is planted by lawn. Also, there were planted 17 limes, which stem diameter is not less than 10 cm.


Bulk composition of the building consists of the dominating 9 storey dwelling house.
The roof of the building is superposed. In order to achieve higher expressivity of the building, there was built rising parapet of the house.
External walls of the building are made of the stonework of three layers red finishing bricks. In order to achieve higher expressivity of the building, the planes of red bricks were combined with the planes of yellow fragmented bricks.
The windows of the building are wooden with glass packets. The balconies and the terraces are glassed with glass cases of aluminium structures.


In the building, there are 53 flats. The structure of flats is the following: flats of 2 rooms (52; 55; 56 m2) - 27 flats; of 3 rooms (67; 87 m2 ) 25 flats; of 5 rooms (133 m2) 1 flat. Under the whole building, there is arranged an underground car-parking depot, a heating centre and an electrical panel.
You can enter into the car parking by one ramp of 9% inclination from the passage in the yard. To enter to flats from the depot there is an equipped lift with sluice and a staircase with direct exit outdoors.
The dwelling building is of one section. There is equipped a closed staircase for evacuation of residents. It makes integral space with the hall of the lift. You can enter to the flats from the corridors of common use, the doors to enter into the flats are armoured. On the first - eighth floors of the dwelling house, there are equipped three flats of three rooms and three flats of two rooms on each, on the ninth floor, there is on flat of five rooms, two flats of two rooms and two flats of three rooms. The layout of flats is free. Zones of kitchens, dinning room and sitting rooms are located in one space, remaining possibility to isolate a kitchen. Bedrooms are isolated from other rooms. All flats have glassed terraces of aluminium structure, considering severe climate conditions of seaboard zone. There is equipped a technical floor to enter on the roof. You can enter on to the technical floor from the staircase.


The building is attributed to group P. 1.3. subject to fire danger, and to the I level of fire resistance. The structure of the building conforms with class C0 of fire riskiness.

Main structures of the constructed building:
Foundation is of monolithic ferroconcrete plate.
The walls of basement are made of reinforced prefab blocks of foundation of 50 and 60 cm thickness with the monolithic ferroconcrete ring.
Girders are of monolithic ferroconcrete R120, under the dwelling house of prefab reinforced plates with monolithic strips of ferroconcrete. Covering plates and girders are designed R120.
Constructional scheme of the building includes transverse bearing walls of silicate bricks of 38 cm thickness, each third line of bricks is reinforced, mark of bricks is 150, grout is S 7,5 . external walls are made of self-bearing silicate bricks ų M 150, grout S 7,5. Partitions inside a flat are made of plaster board plates. The framing is metal, filled with 5 cm of mineral wool.
Spans are prefab reinforced plates with monolithic ferroconcrete strips RE60. the roof is superposed, insulated with plates of mineral wool of 20 cm thickness, the cover is of two layers melted with stone strew RE30.
Stairs from the base floor to the first floor are of monolithic ferroconcrete, and from the first to technical floor are of prefab ferroconcrete.
In order to ensure stability of the building, monolithic ferroconcrete rings are mounted on each third floor on the perimeter of the building.
external walls of the building are of three layers bricks. Thermal insulation is made of Isover mineral wool. Flexible connections are of stainless steel.


In the constructed building, there are the following internal engineering systems, installed in accordance with issued technical conditions of design: water supply, discharge removal; heating; electrotechnics, communications; TV, fire protection alarm.
The heating system is collector, radiators are of steel with thermo-adjusters. Accounting is arranged in accordance with issued conditions in the room of common use, i.e. in the hall of the lift. Internal water-supply system, supports are of galvanised steel pipes, the system of water-supply in flats is a multiplayer Henko pipe. Internal discharge networks are of PVC pipes. Bathes are of steel, water closets and sinks are Czech, faucets and mixers are made by the firm “Hansa”.
The devices of accounting electricity, water-supply of cold and hot water are arranged in rooms of common use.
Copper wires, sockets and switches made by AB “Vilma” were used for electrical and low currency works. In each terrace, there is installed an additional socket to plug in electrical radiator, illumination.
Ventilation of premises is natural, air feeding through micro-ventilation or ventilation position of windows, air exhaustion through the ventilation channel, designed to each flat.


Windows are wooden with glass packet, painted in white of two positions with micro-ventilation. Lower part of the widows, glassed to the floor of the flat, is glassed by glass of three layers (laminated).
Doors : entrance into the house is plastic, flat doors are armoured (to be opened into the flat), internal doors are veneered.
Materials used for floors: dry sand, fibreglass plates “Isover” OLA-20 are used to isolate sound, Knauf compensatory belt FE8/100, Knauf impregnate paper layer, Knauf casted cover FE-50. Foam polystyrene M 17 has been applied for additional insulation of the first floor, and instead of Knauf casted cover, there has been applied reinforced concrete B12-B15. Having performed the tests, it is detected that these floor structures guarantee C class of sound isolation of the premises in accordance with the standard STR 2.02.01:2004
Walls are plastered by Knauf cement plaster blends, slushed and painted subject to the request of each buyer.
ceilings are made rustics, performed their slushing and painting. On buyers’ request, there were mounted suspended ceilings of plasterboard plates.
Floors in rooms and corridors are of ashen parquet. Floors of ceramic tiles are optional on buyers’ request, in corridors, instead of ashen parquet.
Sanitary unit and bathroom: floors of ceramic floor tiles, ceilings are painted, walls are tiled with ceramic wall tiles up to the ceiling. The buyer may chose ceramic tiles for finishing of sanitary units from stocks of UAB „Arkada“ or he/she may chose their desirable tiles from other trading organisations.
Kitchen: ceilings and walls are painted subject to buyer’s requests. On buyers’ request, working zone of kitchen may be tiled with ceramic tiles.
Kitchen floors – ashen parquet. On buyers’ request, there may be ceramic floor tiles.
Balconies: not glassed, floors of stone mass tiles.
Terraces: glassed cases and openings are of aluminium structure, floors are of stone mass tiles, installed illumination and socket for plugging–in of electrical heater.
Bathes are made of steel. Water-closets and sinks are Chez. Faucets and mixers are made by the firm „Hansa“. The buyers of flats could choose other equipment of the sanitary unit from other trading organisations.


Walls are covered with white Knauf decorative plaster.
Stairs are of reinforced concrete, prefab, finishing of steps is of terace, finishing of resting-places is made of stone mass tiles.
Handrails of banisters are wooden.
Floor finishing of resting-places is mounted of deafening reverberation Knauf plasterboard plates.