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New fully decorated apartments

Finish of flat:

- windows are wooden with glass packets;
- balconies are not glassed, floors are of stone mass tiles;
- terrace is glassed, floors are of stone mass tiles, walls are of finishing masonry;
- internal masonry walls are finished with ordinary plasters;
- ceilings are of monolithic and reinforced structure, finishing of ordinary plaster;
- external doors are armoured; internal doors are veneered, veneer is of oak, locks are Italian, of yellow metal;
- partitions of bathroom, sanitary unit and flat are of plaster board plates, framing is metal, filled with 5 cm of mineral wool; - sanitary unit and bathroom are tiled up to the ceiling by ceramic wall tiles, floors are of ceramic floor tiles, place and size of the sanitary unit and bath are not to be changed;
- walls of the flat are simply painted;
- floors in the rooms, corridor and kitchen are of ashen parquet, laid simply in straight boards;
- suspended ceiling, sliding partitions, built-in cupboards, partitions, marked in the plan as dotted line are not mounted.

Equipment of plumbing:

- bathes are German, steely, insulated by mounting foam;
- water-closets and sinks are Czech, series „Olimp“;
- in kitchen slop-basins are not mounted;
- taps and mixers are made by the firm „Hansa“;
- radiators are of steel with thermo-regulators;
- equipped devices of accounting of cold, hot water and heating system, readings of heating devices are read inside the flat, readings of cold and hot water are shown in corridors in staircases.

Electrical works and works with low currency:

- electrical sockets and switches are installed;
- electrical cooker is not placed;
- equipped telephone lock;
- ventilation of flat is natural: air feeding through the window in micro or ventilation positions, air exhaustion through designed channel of ventilation.

Trimming of environment:

- mounted road and lawn rims;
- laid pavements;
- places of access are laid of concrete fixings;
- planted lawns;
- planted trees.