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Privacy Policy

The visitors of UAB „ARKADA“ website may be requested to submit their personal details (for example, to tell their name and e-mail address) and demographic data (for example, age or sex). Giving such information to UAB “Arkada” , you ipso facto give your consent and agree that UAB „ARKADA “ and all enterprises in relation with it use and manage this information and data informing you, communicating with you on business matters or to manage internal statistics of UAB „ARKADA “ and the enterprises in relation with it.

Any information, given in the website, including any financial information, shall be designed only for informative purposes. UAB „ARKADA“ does not guarantee comprehensiveness, reliability or authenticity of submitted information as well as it does not oblige itself or declares that it is not bound by any other contractual or statutory obligations, which could arise due to possible falseness , limitations or discrepancies of information, submitted in the website.. Name of the enterprise does not oblige itself to correct specified defects of information or to fill in missing data, except the cases when it is established imperatively by applicable laws or other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The owner of the website reserves himself a right to advertise, change or delete any information available at the website.

The name of UAB “ARKADA” is used in this network site, also the name and the logo „ARKADA“ are registered trademarks. Their owners’ exceptional rights are protected by applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other law acts. UAB “ARKADA” is a registered name of the firm, protected by laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other law acts. Other marks of goods and services, logos and markings, present in this website, are owned on exceptional rights by their owners. It is forbidden by the law on Trademarks of the Republic of Lithuania, the law on competition of the Republic of Lithuania and other law acts to use the marks, logos and markings, present in the website, in any forbidden way or form, without their prior written consent.